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4 Social Media Mistakes YOU Are Making | And How To Avoid Them

November 08, 2021 Edwin
Growth Driven
4 Social Media Mistakes YOU Are Making | And How To Avoid Them
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4 Social Media Mistakes YOU Are Making | And How To Avoid Them

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I spoke with a client of mine yesterday who has failed to see results from her social media activity after 8 years.

The challenges are not unique to her but are what I find in 95% of the professionals I encounter in business. This is not a critique of her activities only, as I could unearth the exact same omissions in 95% of those who are reading this post right now. 

The challenges break down to FOUR core principles:

1. Winning Attitude 
2. Publishing Content That Matters
3. Continuity 
4. Scaling With Teams & Technology

Winning Attitude

“I hate social media.”, “I hate being on video.”, “Social media can be so negative.”

When I hear comments like this, I know that nothing I teach will matter. A negative attitude kills all else. A positive attitude is the soil from which massive success grows. 

“The pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; the optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty“. – Winston Churchill

If you see the difficulty, you will create it. If you see an opportunity, you will create it. Simple. 

If you can’t develop a positive attitude, how do you expect to be “social” on social media?
Social media is a massive opportunity. When you see it for yourself. 

Publishing Content That Matters

This is a key part of this: “That Matters”. 

If you’re publishing content because you “have to” or “Because it's what you're supposed to, I guess…”, this lackadaisical attitude will come across in every piece of content you create and post.

Your content won’t resonate with anyone. It will be bland and unworthy of following and sharing. Bland doesn’t succeed in social media. 

One must have a deep understanding of what matters to oneself, as well as what matters to whom you are attempting to connect with and influence. 

When you create content that demonstrates that you give a shit, then people will begin to take notice. 


Continuity is defined as, “the fact of something continuing for a long period of time without being changed or stopped.”

Brand building on social media requires continuity. 

Brands that don’t appreciate the fact that it requires continuity to build awareness and trust simply do not understand the principles of branding, audiences, and how the mind works. 

Scaling With Teams & Technology

Sooner or later, you have to leverage the work of teams and technology to scale your brand’s presence. Whether you hire a marketing agency or a virtual assistant, you will need to scale if you want to obtain your big, ambitious goals.

Doing it all yourself is nuts if you possess big dreams. 

Sure, do it all yourself at the start. But not for 8 years.